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A fter years of lying dormant, the blood flows once again for New Jerseys own Blood Feast. Brought to life in 1985, known to be the East Coast’s answer to Slayer, now with a mix of original & the new blood of members, Blood Feast is prepared to continue where it has left off, playing intense Thrash Metal the way they have from the beginning. Now setting their sights on spreading their Trail of Death across North America & Europe, Blood Feast hope to reach their legions of fans from the past & the present. Seeing Blood Feast live the set list includes all of the classic tracks from all three releases, Kill For Pleasure, Face Fate & Chopping Block Blues & a few New surprises. Played with intensity & precision, something Blood Feast has been known for. Introducing Chris Natalini on Vocals, John Blicharz on Guitar , Tom Lorenzo on Bass Guitar & rounded out by original members Kevin Kuzma on Drums & Adam Tranquility on Guitar.

The demand for the band to reemerge by Blood Thirsty Thrash Freaks has now been answered! Those in attendance of Blood Feast’s inaugural return with Obituary, winter of ’08, knew there was a future at hand, and now was the time. A sweltering venue of blood thirsty thrashers laid witness to the battery of drums and onslaught of vocals. They enamored in the chaotic dual lead guitar assault and proficiency of classic thrash as only Blood Feast could deliver, and Blood Feast had delivered on that evil night. Additional shows would follow with the likes of Possessed, At War, Mortician, and others. “Thrash metal was alive!” the chemically imbalanced hailed their masters.

Offering a feverish set of Blood Feast classics such as Menacing Thunder, Blood Lust, Hunted Stalked and Slain, and Face Fate, and– quite possibly –a few new offerings in blood, fans will not be denied their fate at the hands of the Jersey Thrashers. Blood Feast is back and ready to thrash! The machine of war is oiled, forging forward, manned only by blood thirsty corpses withvisions of blood.
It all started back in 1985 when drummer Kevin Kuzma and bassist Louis Starita joined forces with vocalist Gary Markovitch and guitarist Adam Tranquilli under the band's original name, BLOOD LUST. BLOOD LUST's maiden studio effort surfaced in February of 1986 in the form of a four song demo tape entitled The Suicidal Missions. Later that month, the talents of Michael Basden were recruited for the band as a second guitar player.

In May of 1986 the band was approached by New Renaissance Records to appear on a pair of compilation albums, Thrash Metal Attack and Speed Metal Hell Volume 3, with two tracks lifted straight off the demo tape. Soon afterwards the band was forced to change their name, and so they did... now calling themselves BLOOD FEAST. In June of 1986, New Renaissance Records offered the band an album contract.

The band financed the budget for the recording of the first album themselves, and in February of 1987 the debut album from BLOOD FEAST entitled Kill For Pleasure became a reality. Even with an extremely rough production and very little promotion from the record company, the album quickly became New Renaissance's top selling release.

It was the band's musical talent, determination, and electrifying live performances (which always ended with a blazing cover of the Celtic Frost classic "Into Crypts of Rays") that gave them the recognition they deserved, not to mention their strong underground BUZZ and many favorable reviews in magazines and fanzines worldwide.

Realizing BLOOD FEAST's potential, New Renaissance immediately sent the band back into the studio to record a four song mini-LP. In December of 1987, Face Fate was released and almost immediately outsold the debut album.

In June of 1988, BLOOD FEAST found themselves back in the studio to record a ten song demo. This demo was titled The Last Remains, and it was recorded on 24 tracks and indicated a tremendous growth in the band's songwriting and musical skills. Although Adam Tranquilli contributed to the writing and recording of The Last Remains, he did not play on the released version titled Chopping Block Blues.

There were some minor changes in the production of The Last Remains, such as new cover artwork and a name change. The title became Chopping Block Blues and was re-recorded in the summer of 1989 and released in February of 1990. Chopping Block Blues marked the band's greatest songwriting achievement, and is a concrete indication of their true potential and unique style, but unfortunately, became the band's last recording, as they broke up soon after it's release.

After being disbanded for over 10 years, the band got back together for a one time only gig at the March Metal Meltdown in Asbury Park, New Jersey in 1999!! When they hit the stage, they took everyone back to 1987, because it seemed like you were seeing them in their prime!! They came out with all the raw intensity that the live show has to offer, even after all the years of being apart. A KILLER setlist of songs, played as tight as if they never broke up was offered up to the fans. It's safe to say, NO ONE left disappointed!!

Here are some magazine reviews from the band's albums and live shows. Over the years there have been hundreds of reviews & interviews published by countless Fanzines & Magazines. Some reviews were good, others not so good. Here are a few that made it into more of the Metal "mainstream" magazines at the time. THANKS to EVERYBODY who has supported us over the years!!!!!!!!!!!!
"In most cases, it usually takes anywhere from two to three years for a thrash band to make some waves in the underground scene. This is mainly due to the fact that the fans and record companies are more selective as opposed to a few years ago when every mindless, generic thrash metal band comprised of four or five 'Joe-Thrashers' was considered a great band with unlimited potential. For a band nowadays to do well in a short period of time is no freak accident. In a little over a year and a half, Blood Feast was formed (late'85 - under the name Blood Lust), a demo was recorded ("Suicidal Mission" - Feb '86), a record deal was obtained (New Renaissiance Records), a full length album was released ("Kill For Pleasure" - more than 10,000 copies sold at this time), a four song brand new picture disc has been recorded, and a tour of the mid-West and East coast has been confirmed to commence in late July along with Canadian Gods Sacrifice... busy young men, aren't they?? "Kill for Pleasure" is the name of this nine song disc, and is quite an impressive debut to say the least.Most of the songs are catchy, aggresive, and well written. The music itself varies from ultra-fast intense parts to more slower, controlled parts. The musical talent is there, the songwriting ability is there, and the determination is certainly there - so how can they miss????"
-taken from CUT THROAT fanzine, issue #3

"Exploding with a new and massively iproved approach to the craft of furious thrash metal, the quintet of Jersey dwellers has managed to construct an album highly superior to that of previous efforts. Improvements have been made in virtually all aspects of this raw ensemble, and they combine to make The Last Remains (note: the title was changed to "Chopping Block Blues" prior to the album's release) one of this year's finest. The record's ten cuts all sport many more interesting rhythm changes heavier, more exciting riffs, and an overall improvement in the songwriting department. The injection of slow, catchy parts adds fuel to the fire and helps break up the lightning quick, intense parts. Songs like "Chopping Block Blues", "Dropping Like Flies", "Hunted, Stalked and Slain", and an absolutely brilliant rendition of Kiss' classic "Black Diamond" highlight the platter."
-album review taken from November, 1988 issue of Metal Mania

"Today's underground metal scene is comprised of literally hundred's of bands, all hailing from many different parts of the world. Out of all those areas, it seems as though there are two main regions which have dominated the rest of the world in the area of thrash metal: Canada and the San Francisco Bay area. The former has produced such high quality acts as VoiVod, Sacrifice, Annihilator, and Infernal Majesty, while the latter has produced such such notables as Metallica, Slayer, Possessed, and Dark Angel. Germany has given us some truly fantastic bands like Destruction and Kreator, but there hasn't been anything of equal greatness from the land of Beer and Sauerkraut in quite some time. My area of the country, the New York/New Jersey metro area, has a rather poor metal scene. Aside from OverKill and Whiplash, no other band has been able to play thrash metal with the same amount of finese and professionalism. Until now. Blood Feast are a five piece thrash metal outfit from Bayonne, New Jersey, and they are questionably one of the hottest things to come out of this area since Whiplash. Blood Feast have done quite well for themselves in a short period of time, but they still have a long way to go.Wheter they can achieve the status of Metallica or Megadeth is a fact which remains to be seen."
-taken from the October, 1987 issue of Metal Mania magazine

"This is definately one of the best releases from New Renaissance thus far. It certainly shows that they've changed their signing policy from signing almost every little band that sends them a demo to only signing a few of the best. Anyway, this band Blood Feast is playing some real fast metal. Speed-thrash I'd call it. Like a mix of Destructor, Kreator, and Dark Angel. It has a very good sound. Do you like speed mixed with some heavy riffs done properly with a singer in the vein of Destruction/Kreator? Then Blood Feast may very well be the best alternative to the "major" bands on the market right now."
-album review from Blackthorn fanzine, issue #5, 1987

"First, a brief word about New Jersey thrashers Blood Feast, who impressed me with their enthusiasm and energy, if not their sound. Obviously influenced by such Death Dealers as Slayer and Kreator, their average songs were uplifted by their youthfull exuberance. They were quite heavy and fairly tight, and with more live work and distinguished songwriting, they could be big. Time will tell."
-performance review from Kerrang! magazine, issue #127, August 1987

"Blood Feast was the biggest surprise of the night. They radiated power, and the crowd tore into the circle like there was no tomorrow. Blood Feast is a live band that I would reccomend to anyone. To put it mildly, they blow away there studio album live. They played the entire album and then a few new ones. They left there mark on the crowd and after their set everyone was talking about how surprised they were. Along with AT WAR, these guys are New Renaissance's best act."
-performance review from Metal Forces magazine, issue #25

"Now a four piece after sacking one guitarist, Blood Feast came across with a fast and heavy set that got the crowd warmed up quite nicely. It was well-played Death Metal all the way through."
-performance review from Mega Metal Kerrang! magazine, issue#11, 1988

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